ELF Essential Eyelid Primer Review

Elf Eyelid Primer Review

ELF eyelid primer’s main purpose is so that your eyeshadow is crease-proof and longer-lasting.  Using a primer also enhances an eyeshadow color, making it a more visible and, or a more vibrant color.  So a primer does have a purpose and once you try a primer, you will be hooked.  The Elf Essential eyelid primer is a great one to try if you haven’t tried an eyelid primer before.

This Elf eyelid primer is from the Essential Line, which is the $1 least expensive primers from E.L.F.  They do have other eyelid primers, one more from the Essential Line, which is $2 and one from the Mineral Line, which is $3.  This Elf eyelid primer is definitely one of the more popular ones and a fovorite among many, by looking at the website and reading all the reviews.

The Elf eyelid primer comes in four tones or shades.


Here are swatches of the Sheer and the Golden shades.  I love them both and will definitely try the other two shades.

ELF Essential Eyelid Primer Review

The Sheer is a pinky beige tone, a basic lighter skin-toned color.  The Golden is a golden shimmer tone. The golden is so pretty under an eyeshadow, it brings out a gold shimmer to any eyeshadow.  You can wear it alone…..also very pretty.  The champagne and Pearl are also shimmers.

They definitely work great, does what it says it suppose to do.  It lasts all day and keeps my eyelid crease- free and my eyeshadow looks great even at the end of my day.  I definitely would repurchase many more times and would recommend this product to a friend.

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