Girls Headbands

Headbands are every girls best hair accessory that we can’t live without.  Basically, headbands serve two main purposes, function and fashion.  It is used to keep your hair back and out of your face and, or to add style to your hairdo and outfit.  An example of function would be, daily  I use a good basic headband to wash my face, put on makeup and just when I can’t stand to have my hair in my face.  An example of it being a fashion accessory is anytime that your headband enhances your look,  in the form of flower headbands, hippie headbands, bow headbands, braided headbands, etc.   In a best case scenario, I hope to acheive both, looking fashionable while keeping my hair back.   I turn to my favorite headband when my hair is not cooperating or when I am too lazy or just don’t have the time to style it.  At times, I feel it’s a real lifesaver.  

Types and Styles of Girls Headbands

There are many different types and styles of headbands.  Age, taste and occasion definitely plays a role in choosing the type of headband you wear.  The headband I wear as an adult will defintely be different than the one my daughter will wear at age 5, an infant, etc.  On a formal occasion such as a wedding, you might wear a gold, shimmery headband.  On a day out just shopping you will reach for a more casual looking headband.

Basic Headband

 girls Headbandsbasic headband

Flower Headbands

flower headbandfloral_headband

Feathered Headbands

headband 3headbands

Hippie Headbands

hippie headband

Bow Headbands

Bow headbands Bow headbandsBow headbands

Braided Headbands     

braided headbandbraided headbands

Knit/Stretch Headbands

knit stretchy headbandsstretch headband

Gold/Glittery Headbands

glittery headbandglittery headband

Bridal/Wedding Headband

bridal headbandswedding headbands

Infant/Baby Headband

newborn headbandbaby headband

Celebrities wearing Girls Headbands?

Celebrities wear headbands well.  They are the trendsetters of the newest styles out there.  We tend to look to them to see what styles we like and what would look good on us.  It’s like a fashion runway and they are the models modeling for us.    Here’s a video on celebrities and models doing what they do best, looking great in girls accessories.   Take note on the various styles of headbands and the variety of how they are worn.

 Girls Headband Video


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