Nail Pearl Manicure Tutorial

The Nail Pearls Manicure kit helped me create this professional looking manicure and it was so fun and easy!  The process takes literally 4 really simple steps, which includes polish, pour pearls, pat pearls, and let dry for 20 minutes. No top coat is required.

Nail Pearl Manicure


Pearl Manicure

Nail Pearl Manicure

Nail Pearl Manicure

I really had fun doing this nail pearls manicure,  it was very simple, came with easy to follow directions and the outcome was very professional looking.

In my opinion though I do think this kind of manicure is suited more for a special occasion manicure, where you want to look fab for a special night out, etc.  I am not so sure about durability, how long it lasts and how well it will look after washing a load of dishes. (sorry, I had to share…. my not so glamoruous life)

I do think it’s so pretty and can’t wait to see what other colors it comes in.

Nail Pearl Manicure Video

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