Having Healthy Nails

Healthy Nails

Aside from regular manicures and pedicures, a  big part of having healthy nails is protecting them.  You will need to protect them from harsh chemicals, and anything that is very drying to the hand and nail area. 

Healthy Nails

 Acetone is a chemical commonly used  in polish remover and is probably your biggest drying agent to the nail.   Try to find a polish remover without acetone or just limit the use of this product and such like it.  Water and some detergents can also be drying as well.   Gloves should be worn in this case and whenever possible.  You can protect your nails by using gloves while washing dishes or just when your hands needs to be in water.  If you’re always washing your hands, keep moisturizers next to the sink and apply creams or lotions to skin and nail area. 


Keeping Healthy Nails

Don’t abuse your nails by aggressively using them while working for example, gardening, pulling, scraping, scratching and just over working your nails.  Overuse such as scratching or pulling of the nail can lead to the nailbed lifting.  Use gloves again in this case or other utensils for opening things other than your nails.   Even the best manicure cannot repair all damages and keep your healthy nails.  Think of manicures and pedicures as maintenance and  a form of upkeeping healthy nails.

Healthy Nails

Massaging your cuticles, hands and forearms can improve circulation.  With improved circulation, you avoid dry, mottled, blue or purple nail beds and restore a healthy glow.  Blood flow to your hand or feet does encourage nourishment to the area helping nails to grow strong and healthy.

 healthy nails

Healthy Nails Need Nail Treatments

Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize.  Regular moisturizing will improve the appearance of dry skin around the nail area and  keep dry flaky, rough skin at bay, especially on the feet.  This is where cuticle creams, cuticle oils and hand creams come in.  They are so essential in beautiful nails.  Our hands and nails do take a beating because we use them endlessly everyday.  Aside from chemicals drying our skin, water and detergents are our next two big offenders in the fight against dry brittle nails and bad cuticles.  Our best defense is using nail treatments such as cuticle oils and creams to regain that moisture we loose.  So start using one today, you will see results.  Here are some suggestion on ones I found to be the best here.. Best Nail Treatments

Other treatments such as nail strengtheners/hardeners are great as well if your nails tend to break easily.  They really do work.  They help to make your nails stronger.  People who have never been able to grow out long nails before have achieved long nails with the help of nail strengtheners.

All these tips will help in preventing dry, weak, and brittle nails, culprits which make nails so fragile they break.  There is a product  to fix or help every kind of nail ailment.  Help or a cure is never far away.

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