Finding Your Skin Type

Knowing your skin type is important when taking care of your skin. To care for your skin properly you need the right products for your specific skin type.    So the first step in  achieving your goal of healthy skin is determining what type of skin you have.  This is what dermatologist call, a skin analysis.  Here are some info to help you determine your skin type.

your skin type

Here are five basic skin types

Everyone falls into one of these five categories.   Which one are you?

1.  Normal/Combination Skin

  • if you don’t have any problems or irritation such as oiliness, acne, itchiness, and flakes, you are normal
  • if you have little to minor problems or irritation in your t-zone area and you skin is dryer on your cheek area, you have combination skin type

2.  Dry Skin

  • if your skin burns easiy in the sun
  • if your skin feels itchy and gets extra dry in the winter  months  
  • if you can see dry flakiness on your skin
  • if your skin gets noticeably dry by changes in your environment, such as the seasons, air travel, a hot shower, sun exposure, etc.

3.  Oily Skin

  • if your skin is oily and shiny an hour after you washed it
  • if your makeup disappears into your pores by lunch
  • if you have acne and blackheads and you’re in your 30’s  and 40’s

4.  Sensitive Skin

  • if you burn easily from sun exposure
  • if you have any reactions such as your skin getting red, blotchy, dry, itchy, tight or swollen from any product ingested or applied to your skin

5.  Aging Skin

  • if your skin is loose, saggy and discolored with freckles and sun spots
  • if your skin is dull, lifeless and dry looking with no natural  shine

Your Skin Type And Changes

Take also into consideration changes of your skin.  Changes in your age, changes in the weather, and changes for some  in your hormones(for that time of the month or menopause).  Your skin changes as you age.  As you age you will need to reaccess your skin.  Your skin will not be the same skin as when you were a teenager or younger.  Your skin changes with extreme weather.  Your skin can also changes at certain times of the month, for some women.  So you may need two types of skincare regimen and switch between the two to effectively care for your skin. 

Keeping a close watch of your skin and it’s health is important.  Knowing your skin and noticing when your skin changes will keep you ahead of the game to prevent certain skin problems and irritations.  The right products used at the right time will keep your skin looking it’s best, healthy and beautiful, at all times.  Healthy skin is what a girl wants at any age.

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