Maybelline Color Whispers are what I’m wearing now during the summer.  It’s a sheer, moisturizing lip formula which is very light on the lips never heavy like some lip balms or lipsticks.  The color intensity can vary between each lip whisper, but majority are very light in color,  not opaque like what you would get from a regular lipstick ….it’s like a whisper, hence the name.

My favorite colors from the Maybelline color whispers line are “a Plum Prospect” and “Lust for Blush”.

maybelline color whispers

 (Maybelline Color Whispers in “A Plum Prospect” and “Lust for Blush”)

Maybelline color whispers“A Plum Prospect” and “Lust for Blush” are along the same pink tones,  “A Plum Prospect” is just a little deeper pink leaning towards a berry rose.  Lust for blush is a lovely mauve color and  a little on the sheerer side.    If you have color to your lips, the color might not show up enough.  It is very sheer on my lips, my lips tends to be rosy naturally.  It’s very similar to my lip  color, making it a very natural.

Color whispers by maybelline

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