Long and Strong Nails

To get long and strong nails, you need the help of nail treatments, both a nail strengthener/hardener and a nail moisturizer/conditioner.  The nail needs strength to keep it from breaking and it needs moisture to give it flexibility when it is bending.  The idea is to achieve a healthy balance of the two. If the nail is too hard, it can crack because it lacks the moisture .  And if the nail is too soft, it can rip or tear easily because it lacks the strength.  Both a nail strengthener/hardener and a nail moisturizer/conditioner are essential in nail care if you want strong, healthy, and long nails.

Long and Strong Nails

 Nail Treatments that Promote Long and Strong Nails

Top 5 Nail Moisturizers/Conditioners(cuticle oil or creams)

(used also on the nail not only on the cuticles)

Burt Bee’s Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
Creative Nail Design Solar Oil
Sally Hansen’s Cuticle Massage Cream
Lush lemony flutter cuticle cream
Sally Hansen – Maximum Growth Cuticle & Nail Moisture Treatment Pen(a plus for the convenience and ease of use)

Best Nail Treaments    Best Nail Treaments     Best Nail Treaments

Best Nail TreamentsBest Nail Treaments

Top 5 Nail Strengtheners/Hardeners

Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener
Mavala Nail Hardener
Nail Magic
Nailtiques – Formula 2
OPI Nail envy

Best Nail TreamentsBest Nail TreamentsBest Nail Treaments

Best Nail TreamentsBest Nail Treaments

*A Warning about Nail hardeners

Nail Hardeners do work, thats why we keep using them, BUT majority of nail hardeners are and can be very harsh on the cuticle and the skin around the nail.  To prevent this, avoid getting it on the cuticle area and the skin around the nails.  You can also just apply these nail strengtheners on the tips of your nail and totally avoid the nail bed and cuticles.

Long and Strong Nails

If you have thin nails from wearing acrylics and you are trying to strengthen your nails, be warned  when applying some nail hardeners, you might feel some burning.  I don’t recommend you keep using the product if this happens. I would recommend some natural products first such as biotin pills or fresh garlic, some people claim they really work.  I never tried it but if anyone has, let me know.

*Nail TIP:  You can use nail strengtheners/hardeners as a top coat, it prevents nail polish from chipping and prolongs the life of your manicure.  They make good top coats.

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